08 Ways To Boost Work Productivity When Working From Home

Blog image Working From Home

During the COVID-19 outbreak, companies are employees work from home. Working from home has its advantages, but it can turn out to have more disadvantages than advantages if you don’t have a plan ready for it. One can easily get distracted when office colleagues are not around and can also feel lonely especially in this time of COVID-19. Those who don’t plan their day properly or who are not used to work from home will end up hampering their work productivity.

Here are 08 tips you can follow to get the best out of your time, stay motivated, and productive throughout the day:

1. Have a Workspace

Set up a room or space in your house just for work purposes that is away from all the happening in the house. This will help you concentrate more on the work and increase productivity. 

If you have a small house and cant have a separate room cause other people might also be there working from home make sure to choose a place away from them with the least interference.

2. Get early and Dress-up

Get up early and fall into your daily routine, freshen up, meditate, drink coffee, and get dressed. 

When you get up early you can do 50% of your work in your early hours of the day. Try it! You will find out yourself.

People, as they work from home, get up in the morning and directly start working in their shorts or night suits, this must be the way we all do it but this is not the right way. How we dress actually affects our mood, so wear nice clothes not the ones that you would wear to the office and also not oversized tees, PJs or sweatpants but that is something that will make you feel like working.

3. List down your tasks and set goals

Plan your day, make a list of every activity you are supposed to do that day, and prioritize it by marking P0, P1, P3. If you do this believe me you will never miss out on anything and you will give a structure to your day. Check your list at the end of the day if you have completed all of your tasks.

4. Take breaks

Take short breaks and do little stretching or make yourself a nice cup of coffee in between your long tasks and virtual meetings. This will boost your energy, keep your body and mind healthy, and will keep you going.

5. Avoid Social Media

Social media can be your biggest distraction from work, you can keep on scrolling over Facebook, Instagram, and end up wasting a lot of time. So make sure you avoid checking your social media accounts and close all the accounts logged in on your work laptop.

6. Stay connected with your team

Be in touch with your teammates via phone or video calls while working from home. This will not only help you solve issues & reach goals immediately but also help you stay motivated and happy.

7. Help kids create a routine and add structure to their day.

If you have kids at home they may be overwhelmed by the fact that you are there at home busy with your work and stuff and not giving proper attention to them.

Help your kids understand, create a routine and spend some time with the kids during the day

Adding a structure to their day will not only help you spend time together but will also help you manage your personal and professional life very easily.

8. Set target time to complete a task

Set firm boundaries on the timelines of task completion. Working from home can cause a lot of distractions your way, you might start one task and get digressed from that in a minute due to more things coming your way from work or your environment at home. You can completely lose track of the urgency and importance of doing that task. 

So, list down your activities for the day and set firm deadlines for that task and don’t move to the next task or take a break until it’s done.